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One Complete Rental Solution To Manage Your Hire Business

A solution to help your hire business grow and thrive. Gain full control of your hire business, improve performance, better asset utilistation and helps your business make better decisions.

Our Solution integrates all of your daily business processes into a single platform solving the resource utilisation & compliance requirements for equipment rental companies.

Your needs are unique and so are our solutions. No matter what the size or complexity of your organisation, we’ll listen to your requirements, making sure our solutions streamline your processes and make your life easier.

If your purpose is to optimize the process, reduce the operational costs, and operate the equipment with reliability and accuracy, then 365 Software are totally able to deliver all of these benefits

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Our Solutions

Allocations / Scheduling

Optimize your resources by efficiently scheduling the best crew and equipment to each task to maximize productivity, progress, and quality.


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Designed for Asset Managers who are responsible for their Fleet of Equipment or Vehicles and know preventative maintenance and servicing is a MUST.


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The ability to track your assets is an increasingly critical part in plant and heavy equipment (excavators, cranes, etc) security however many of the wider benefits are seldom explored.


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Get your operators submitting job dockets electronically using the Operator365 App. Pre Starts, JSA, PRA, SWMS, Inductions & Compliance Records at your Operators fingertips.


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The flexibility to integrate into leading Accounting Packages, ERP's, SMS Providers, Time / Attendance & other 3rd Party systems with APIs.


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Looking for a solution that can adapt to your business processes and not forced to work out-of-the-box.


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