Top 5 features of Operator365

If you’re in the equipment and plant hire industry and you’ve been meaning to automate your business processes for ages, here’s why the time to do it is now and why our Operator365 will be a game-changer for you.

These 4IR technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced wireless technologies. Not sure what all these terms mean? You’re not alone: 47 percent of Australian business leaders admitted to having "little" knowledge of them while 9 percent had "never heard of" these concepts.

In a nutshell, it means that we need to start automating our business processes. Even though we know that technology will make our lives easier, many of us are resistant to change because learning new methods of operation seems like too much effort. But technological advances are occurring whether we want them to or not, so Australian businesses of all sizes are faced with the need to adopt them without delay to avoid being left behind.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Australian equipment and plant hire companies implemented mobile technology such as our Operator365 app to reduce the amount of paperwork that changed hands. Now, operations managers say there’s no going back.

"Operator365 mobile technology has revolutionised our site operations,” says Rui Lopes, Managing Director at Eagle Alliance Earthmoving. “It handles all facets of OHS compliance and has drastically improved the efficiency of our job docket to invoicing process. We’ve received fantastic client feedback and decreased our admin time significantly, which has enabled us to achieve a high return on investment. All in all, Operator365 is a great tool we can’t do without."

The top five Operator365 features

Not convinced an app will change your life? We asked our clients what they love most about Operator365 and here’s what they had to say…

1. Eliminates paper

Say goodbye to the days where you had to wait ages for operators to send in their job dockets and waste hours of your precious time chasing lost ones. With Operator365, your operators enter the docket details into the app and collect signatures from customers and site foremen on their device. They immediately submit their docket to the office and an invoice can be prepared for the client within minutes of the job being completed. This not only streamlines the entire process, but it also ensures that you never miss end-of-month cut-offs and improves your cashflow. Let’s be honest – this feature alone is enough for many operations managers to say, “Take my money!”

2. Automatically generates safety forms

Operator365 automatically creates site-specific Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) documentation and allows operators to complete their pre-start checks quickly and easily. Best of all, they can readily view and email their pre-starts, PRAs, SWMS and other compliance items in the app.

3. Manages fatigue

You’ll no longer have to worry about operators making potentially dangerous mistakes because they’ve clocked too many hours. Operator365 records and notifies you in real time of the number of hours each one of your operators has worked so you can better manage their jobs and your operations.

4. Allows operators to take time-stamped photos

Your operators can take up to eight time-stamped photos of any job and submit them to you right away. They can also view the photos they’ve taken in the app to ensure they’ve covered every angle. This improves quality assurance and minimises your liability for pre-existing damages.

5. Accurately records tip fees and material purchases

You won’t have any more unwelcome surprises when operators submit forgotten tip dockets and receipts for material purchases. With Operator365, they can take time-stamped photos of all their receipts and submit them immediately.

These are just a few of Operator365’s incredible features. To find out more about it or to book a demo, contact us today.

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